Post-construction clean up


Should you hire a professional post-construction cleaning company? Should you hire a professional post-construction cleaning company? Post-construction cleaning A number of property owners and managers overlook the cost of a professional cleaning crew when doing maintenance work, underestimating the amount of time and work required for a post-reconstruction cleanup. Even though doing the cleaning yourself […]

Patient health can be at risk for careless cleaning

Cleaning the dental office correctly and keeping it up to date offers more safety for both patients and professionals who work there. It is important then to have a professional team where everyone has the basics of how to perform a dental office cleaning. A well-done dental office cleaning is fundamental. Therefore, there are rules […]

Detail cleaning

Ziigi Katia DeOliveira Kitchen Cleaning Service

Ziigi offers a flexible home cleaning service at an affordable price (no matter whether a house or a flat clean is required), based on a no-obligation, free estimate carried out in your home. Uniformed, fully insured staff typically work in teams of two to efficiently clean your home. They arrive in ZIIGI CLEANING SERVICE uniform […]

How to Organize to Increase Space in Your Home


How to Organize to Increase Space in Your Home Tell us if this sounds familiar: You’re running late for work and know the perfect outfit you want to wear. Unfortunately with a stuffed closet and crammed dresser, finding that shirt that you are looking for is almost impossible.. Here’s how to make your house feel […]

Pros and Cons of Washing Clothes in Hot Water

Clothes Washing Machine

Advantages and disadvantages of washing your clothes in hot water Ah, the washing machine. One of the great innovations of our age, this device has freed up hours of time and energy. Nowadays, it’s incredibly easy to use, too. Throw in your clothes, add a little detergent, and voila: your fabrics are clean! For many […]