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How to Organize to Increase Space in Your Home

Tell us if this sounds familiar: You’re running late for work and know the perfect outfit you want to wear. Unfortunately with a stuffed closet and crammed dresser, finding that shirt that you are looking for is almost impossible.. Here’s how to make your house feel less cramped:

Move Up

How to Organize to Increase Space in Your Home? One of the best moves you can make in a room is elevating the bed and adding storage space underneath. Bed risers are cheap and found at most home goods stores. Find a set of drawers or containers that can fit easily under the box spring and can hold items taking up too much space in your house—like winter coats, extra throws, or holiday decorations.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors are a trusty tool for adding the illusion of more space in your house. At first glance, a mirror can make your home seem larger than it is, while adding an extra bounce of light to dark corners. If you have anything blocking your vanity or full-length mirror (or window sills, for that matter), move it to a different spot. Yes this means knickknacks, shoes, and books. Your house will thank you!

Organize Mail

One of the biggest organizational hacks is creating a place for mail. Piles of mail on the table, a few flyers on the couch, some bills on the night stand, and documents on the desk all add up to clutter. Invest in some cute bins that will help you organize the bills and magazines. And be sure to shred junk mail at least once a month to decrease additional clutter from piling up.

Another way to make your home feel more organized? A good clean. The only cleaning hack here is a simple call to Ziigi Cleaning Service. We have over 20 years of experience giving homes top-to-bottom shines and can give your abode a fresh, open feeling. Call us at (781) 929 3467  for a quote today!