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Should you hire a professional post-construction cleaning company?

Should you hire a professional post-construction cleaning company?


Post-construction cleaning

A number of property owners and managers overlook the cost of a professional cleaning crew when doing maintenance work, underestimating the amount of time and work required for a post-reconstruction cleanup. Even though doing the cleaning yourself and saving your own extra money is a great incentive to roll up your sleeves and start dust removal, there are several reasons why it justifies hiring professionals.

The question of safety

Post-construction cleaning service professionals know the risks that exist for cleaning up after contractors finish a job. From nails and pieces of glass that have gone unnoticed to the amount of dust that accumulates and can cause breathing problems, professionals know what to look for and what PPE to use to avoid injury.


Anyone can clean, but professional cleaners are more efficient and effective since they have been trained on the best methods and equipment to use when cleaning all surfaces and types of stains. Professional cleaners also have knowledge of the places that laymen overlook, meaning that after a professional cleaning, you will not be surprised to find a drawer dusty or splattered with paint and putty.

The Equipment

Unless you intend your vacuum cleaner to be broken, you will likely need to rent professional equipment, and the cost can become an extremely high value. This is especially possible if you are cleaning multiple rooms or even an entire property. Professional cleaners bring the proper tools with them and also use commercial cleaning solutions when needed, which provide faster and more effective results.

The Budget

You may think you are saving money by performing a post-construction cleaning, but are you really? The costs of cleaning materials and tools, equipment rental, and waste removal add up quickly-not to mention the use of your Time! And if any glitches occur and expensive equipment breaks down, your savings could end up being worth thousands of dollars. With Ziigi Cleaning‘s professional cleaning team, you pay a fixed price, which ensures the security of your investment.

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