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Dental office cleaning
dental office cleaning

Cleaning the dental office correctly and keeping it up to date offers more safety for both patients and professionals who work there.

It is important then to have a professional team where everyone has the basics of how to perform a dental office cleaning.

A well-done dental office cleaning is fundamental. Therefore, there are rules and obligations involving the cleaning of the place.

Physical Structures in Office Cleaning

There are different ways to carry out office cleaning. In the case of physical structures, it is important to know that:

  1. It is mandatory to have sink/wash basin in the patient care area with liquid soap and disposable towel. The cleaning of the environment must be done daily;
  2. The clinic must have a specific place for sterilization and storage of the materials that have been sterilized;
  3. It is recommended that the walls be smooth, covered with a resistant material that is easy to wash regularly;
  4. The floor used must be smooth, washable, impermeable and resistant, covering all the areas: patient care, sterilization center, pantry, kitchen and sanitary facilities;
  5. The wastebaskets in the sanitary areas must follow the standard with lid and pedal.

General Tips for Cleaning the Doctor’s Office

In general, some measures are essential to maintain effective cleaning in the clinic, so pay attention to

Should I hire a company that cleans my doctor’s office?

We are Ziigi Cleaning Service professionals who specialize in cleaning dental offices and clinics, thus maintaining a safe place for everyone.

Our employees, who will be responsible for the service, have received training in the use of chemicals, guidance in cleaning the areas and know the disinfection protocols.

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